Corop “8.2 Star Energy Rating”

Master Builders Excellence in Housing Awards Winner 2011 Best Custom Home 300-400k Winner 2011 Best Sustainable Energy Home

The clients brief was to create a contemporary home but reduce the family’s carbon footprint and electricity usage.  The home compliments the environment and it surrounds, overlooking the vineyard and lake.

Sustainable and energy efficient design features of this home include double-glazed north facing windows in the open plan living area, polished concrete floors for thermal mass (solar collection), high vaulted ceiling using a reverse truss with highlight windows to allow the summer heat to escape.

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As this was our first time at building a home, Steve and Sarah were able to communicate with us on a level we could understand. The end result was a high-quality custom built home. We couldn't be happier. - Jame Scambler & Elisha Johnson